Flipboard was released in 2012 and is a top newsreader available for mobile applications. With a swipe of your finger, pages are flipped and you can see your favorite topics just like flipping the pages of a real magazine. It is a personal, social, virtual magazine that permits you to have access to the best articles on the web. It is a great application for all your social media and perfect for following specific websites or staying informed on the latest updates of your favorite subjects. You can get all the information you like in one source in a nice magazine layout. The applications interface is neat and very easy to use.

Start off by taking a look at this video to get to know more about the app:

First of all, Flipboard keeps you informed on many current events. Flipboard has over 125 publishing partners such as BBC, the New York Times, Vogue, Rolling Stone and more. Furthermore, there are sections curating around topics like news, traveling, design, food, etc. This app is great to read fantastic magazines, newspapers and blogs, just tap the red ribbon.
Second, you can search and subscribe to an array of magazines. Use the search icon to search for different topics and people of interest.
Third, you can create personalized magazines. Articles can be curated according to class related content. Other students can be invited to contribute to your magazine project.
Fourth, use this application to streamline your social media activities. By tapping on the Account, Flipboard gives you the choice of many social networks to connect to such as Google +, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and more. It is also possible to save articles for you to read later into a private Flipboard magazine that only you have access.
Fifth, this can be a very interesting option for schools. Nowadays, many people own their own mobile phones and tablets and use them to get the news. If schools have a paper or newsletter and is available as an RSS feed or through social media, it can be looked up on Flipboard.

I agree with Prasanna Bharti from Edtech Review, the pictures are just outstanding, the images are clear and sharp. She further continues her review by giving an array of things that can be done in the classroom to teach students like reading assignments, student projects, creating digital magazines, or sharing and organizing relevant study material in Problem-Based Learning. Class project magazines can be created by students in teams or individually on a particular subject. It can be a useful tool for students to collect materials such as videos, images, editorials and compiling resources relevant to the course. Students and teachers can share what they found and work in collaboration on projects. Have students create a classroom magazine by putting in some curriculum examples, class readings, images from class and updates. Then, have the parents subscribe to the magazine to keep them informed on what is going on in the classroom. Fred Delventhal from the EdReach Network lists 32 website addresses to put on Flipboard for students. This list can be very handy for teachers who are looking for great sites to refer students to. Vicky Davis posted an interesting blog about the application, Flipboard was the main reason she begged her family to buy her an ipad. Her blog gives step by step instructions to navigate through the application and is perfect for first users. It helped me use the appliction with effectiveness and now I can follow interesting magazines such as National Geographic.

By using this application students will have opportunities to demonstrate their ability to implement learned procedures and methods according to Bloom’s Taxonomy. As a future teacher, I think Flipboard is of most interest to stimulate students’ curiosity on subjects they have never heard of and increase their knowledge on subjects they like. This tool is great to help them search specific topics for class tasks and presentations could be done in front of the class. I would use it to have students summarize articles and construct on new vocabulary found in the articles. Activities such as interviews and sharing information in groups could lead them into interesting conversations. In a class where students have access to tablets, Flipboard can be a valuable learning tool for them.


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